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Gaining Prosperity, Wealth and Self Dignity through Television Franchising Opportunities

Most Powerful Mind Control Tool

Television has always been and will continue to be the most powerful tool in getting your ideas across and in changing and steering the minds of others. 

Even with the growth of the internet, video and multimedia content is still the most powerful persuasion mechanism, and whether that video is delivered via traditional style television platforms, through film or via new internet and mobile delivery technologies, this video can still can be considered television and it is still the most powerful convincer that exists today.

Unlike person to person contact or speaking from the podium, both of which could be considered more powerful than television in their direct effectiveness and in its ability to persuade and influence, television can be spread simultaneously to multitudes of people, and where it gives way in its effectiveness to belly to belly contact, Television more than makes up for in its reach. 
Videos and visual cues are 3 to 10 times more powerful than text, and is also more powerful than audio alone and as such television and video will continue to be and will remain the most powerful mass media tool in changing and controlling the world.
As Television and the Internet merge, they become the same and yet remain distinct. Most web sites are realizing that they need to become a television channel offering interesting multimedia video content, similar to Television content for their customers, while Television is becoming more interactive.  Even as this is happening - Television still remains a powerful and separate mass media giant that controls a larger part of most peoples lives.

Back to the Past 

In the days of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, it was small and mid-sized businesses, individualism and middle American group leaders that dominated the American political, social, business and cultural landscapes. It allowed for a much larger group of people to be involved and to be influential in politics and business and to be represented in all major decisions that were taken locally, nationally and internationally.

 Even though there were fewer people, their believes and their choices were represented very well, life was sort of to say, “more fair”. The majority was represented very well, and the founding fathers developed the greatest system in the world, that also fairly represented most of the smaller groups. 

This has been true in America for many years, and became even fairer as women and minorities obtained equal power. But what we have seen in America, in the last few years, is total consolidation of power in the hands of only a few people. 95% of all media in America is now owned and controlled by only a few companies, and their owners do not represent the interests of middle America, of the majority, of the minorities or of virtually any group of people in America and they only have their own best interests at heart. We do not advocate to force any group to give up power - we simply advocate increasing the power and influence of middle America and the small and mid sized businesses and of the entrepreneurs thus balancing out the equation.

We believe that by empowering small and mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs, and small groups of interconnected individuals to take control of Television – its production, its delivery and of its distribution we can bring America and the world back into balance and to bring power back to where it belongs in the hands of the smaller groups of Middle America, the independent entrepreneurs and community leaders that know best what the people that they represent need. Our power has been taken away from us. It is time we get it back.

The Way

By creating mid-sized vertically integrated groups of businesses that are owned and operated by the leaders within their communities, that support and interact with each other and that control and support both the suppliers of Television content and the distribution, broadcasting and delivery of Television content, satisfying fully all the needs of their respective Television audience and customers, TV Domination Corporation will allow these independent entrepreneurs, middle America and smaller groups to take back control of power and wealth in America, bringing the world back into balance and providing stability for all. 

TV Domination Corporation believes that only through a well balanced control of and a fair representation of ownership in the media and wealth by smaller and mid-sized businesses and communities, can there be lasting peace in America and the World and we can experience the happiness and prosperity that was promised us. 

We believe in the power of balance. When the indigent take control of the power through a revolution that creates an imbalanced society and leads to horrors of mass murders that we have seen in Soviet Russia and during the French Revolution. When the rich oligarchs take all the power, again that leads to a society that is just as bad and that also crumbles as it leads to a revolution and a dictatorship. 

It is our goal to make sure that it is the middle America, the small and mid sized businesses and entrepreneurs, and the cultural leaders of the groups in America that are empowered and are represented and that have a strong say in where America is going. We believe that this will keep America strong and will allow it remain prosperous, peaceful and powerful for centuries to come.

American Household Wealth is Disappearing

Over the last couple of decades, the US median household wealth has experienced a great decline. While middle class people in countries like Australia and Luxembourg households have median assets of nearly 200,000 dollars median household wealth in America has declined to as little as 38 thousand dollars per household.

 That is not to say that America is not the richest and the most powerful country in the world. It simply means that the majority of that wealth and power is held in only a few hands and these are the same people who own the media and the television companies as Television is the primary tool that has helped this happen. The US is 27th in the world by its median household wealth, which means that most people in America are poorer than the average person in 26th other countries from Australia to Italy, from Finland to Spain. 

People in these countries have more wealth per person. These countries have embraced a balanced perspective and a fair way of life and it is time we do the same in the US. Our strategy and approach can create greater balance and prosperity, helping the poor join the middle class, creating more security for all, preventing the otherwise impending retirement crises and the economic and social doom that will engulf us all. We believe we can help the average Americans tremendously grow their savings and their supplemental income thus preventing most Americans from being condemned to poverty in their old age. 

It is through the power of small and mid sized business, and through entrepreneurs taking control of Television and mass media and then taking the economy back into their own hands that we can help them achieve great wealth for the middle America and economic prosperity for all. 

Franchising Business Opportunities Market

Over the years numerous organizations, including the US Small Business Administration have claimed that certain franchising opportunities are much more successful than regular independent businesses as after 10 years, only 16 percent of existing start-ups are still in business, but with certain types of franchises, 95% of them are still in business after five years and 90 percent are still in business after 10 years, as franchises come with built-in proven success formulas tested by other businesses across the country and receive the support from the franchisor. 

Research has shown that the appeal of fame is rooted in basic human needs. A recent survey found that being involved in or connected to the business of film and television is one of the top aspirations for a very large percentage of people as it is connected to their needs for: fame, their ability to express themselves creatively, their desire to help others or to make others proud, their desire for an elite, high status lifestyle and their desire to be seen and valued appearing on the cover of magazines, on television or being recognized in public
In 2012, a study found that a desire for fame solely for the sake of being famous was the most popular future goal for certain age groups overshadowing hopes for financial success, achievement, and a sense of community. We believe that by helping our customers, our associates and our partners achieve their goals of being connected to and being involved in the business of television and film, TVDomination Corporation can become a highly successful venture by helping others achieve their goals and aspirations.

Franchising is a major part of society and the industry contributes greatly to the US economy. Many people who have purchased and who have invested in franchises and franchising companies have become very wealthy from it. There are over 900,000 franchise entities which provide nearly 18 million jobs and generate over $2.1 trillion to the economy. 

There are more than 300 different industries and business categories that use the franchising business model as a means to distribute goods and services, and there is a reason the franchising option is so popular: it works and it can generate great value and wealth for all the people involved. 

Such prestigious and successful corporations as Marriott  Hotels, Hilton Hotels and Little Caesars Pizza were all founded and are operated as franchises and franchises have generated billions of dollars in wealth for Michael Ilitch (1.5 Billion), Jack C. Taylor ($6.5 Billion), William Baron Hilton (2.5 Billion), Fred DeLuca (1.8 Billion),  John W. Marriot, Jr. (1.3 Billion) and for many others.


Our Offerings and Franchising Opportunities

  • Ability to own and to control your own Pay television providers - providing Television services via cable, or via our proprietary platforms.
  • Ability to own and control your own television stations and channels.
  • Ability to own your own Television, Film, Animation and Music Studios.
  • Ability to own cable and broadband companies
  • Ability to own your own distribution companies helping others distribute, market and sell their Television related services 
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